Protect your keywords from ad hijacking

Affiliate ad hijacking (also known as brand poaching, direct linking, URL jacking) is when an affiliate impersonates a brand by running ads that look identical to a brand’s ads. Customers typically have no idea they have clicked on an affiliate ad, and the affiliate is paid a commission for conversions that the brand would have captured directly.

To someone looking at a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), ad hijacking doesn’t look any different from regular advertising. 

Read this white paper from BrandVerity to get the basics of ad hijacking and how it can harm your brand, channels, and revenue. Learn the most common indicators of ad hijacking and get tips on how to stop ad hijacking. It covers:

  • What does ad-hijacking look like?
  • What is the impact of ad hijacking?
  • How can you stop ad hijacking?

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download“Brand Protection Basics: Affiliate Ad Hijacking,” from BrandVerity.

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